Time Warp USA 2019

25 Years of Time Warp

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From many months prior to the festival to post-event coverage, Time Warp entrusted Off Brand Project. with creating vivid images that showcased their vision and rallied excitement with fans across the globe.

The first assignment was to capture the venue in a way that would set the tone for the big weekend. With creative direction form Adam Simon, we spent a late afternoon shooting on-location. The photos told a story of an abandoned compound in the industrial part of Bronx. These were used in a video that announced the venue reveal.

A few days before the show, I was asked for product photos of the merchandise. Having never done this sort of work before, I summoned my brother, Constantin Poselski. We sat down and figured out how to do these in my home studio. The photos were never published but all the merchandised sold out anyway.


The day before the party, I was asked to photograph the production set-up. I walked into the massive New York Expo Center expecting a team of 100 men building the larger-than-life stages and calibrating the symmetrical lasers. To my surprise it was only over a dozen people total on location. Small crew setting up bars, Germans calibrating the lights, QAV, David Robbles and Benjamin Lela taking care of the rest.

The photos served as another reveal to generate excitement and completely pack the venue for the madness that ensued over the next two days.